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Overwatch Boost Guide

Some Steps To Improve Your Skills On FPS Games


Here in this article, we will reveal some tricks, tips as well as techniques and other methods that can potentially improve your gaming ability when playing FPS.


Step number 1. Play single player campaign - this is essential as it will help you to become more familiar with the environment, guns and the likes.


Step number 2. Master the controls - this is extremely important. You have to know which keys to press from reloading, crouching, shooting and so forth. Knowing these can give you easy access on controls you need to kill, dodge, sneak and whatever to enemies, making it imperative.


Step number 3. Memorize the maps - familiarizing yourself with the surroundings like chokepoints, vantage points etc. is very helpful on your game play. With this, it will give you an edge on your enemies and have an instant kill. Not only that, experiment with other routes. You will know where you are going which is always an added benefit to your game. Know more about overwatch boost.


Step number 4. Try different weapons and know which one suits you as well as your playing style - at times however, you will have to make variations of the weapons you are using like for instance, if you are running out of ammunitions for weapons and you should pick up enemies, so, it is good to be well aware with the different weapons available. Not only that, in many FPS games, the usage of a weapon will reward you extra XP so it's a good tactic to level up quickly.


Step number 5. Have the right perks to suit your gameplay - some roles are different qualities. Being able to know what fits you best can help increasing your ability. Experiment with different games, weapons, explosives and so on.


Step number 6. Use your equipment - while this may sound simple, but grenades are ideal for clearing objectives and picking up kills most especially in game modes to which the enemy is capturing somewhere; throwing a grenade in gives you a nice kill. Flashbang/stun grenades are perfect as too to incapacitate enemies, creating an easy kill as well.


Apart from that, it will be useful at times to cook the grenade or holding live grenades so when the time between you throwing it and exploding will be less, which leave lesser time for enemies to react. If you know or feel that somebody is staying in a certain area, throw in a flashbang/stun grenade before you go in. Doing so will reduce the odds of dying during your ambush. Please check out if you have questions.